"Antigua. Safe harbor for tourists and investors alike…"
Travel Promo by Stanford Financial
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The Collapse of Stanford Financial

It was too good to be true: a financial fairy-tale set on the stunning Caribbean island of Antigua.

Over 20 years, Stanford Financial Group grew from nothing into a 7 billion dollar financial services empire. Except there was no $7 billion. In fact, there was almost nothing. Allen Stanford spent it all while Jim Davis helped cook the books, joined late in the game by Davis’ protégée and lover Laura Pendergest-Holt.

Innocent investors from all over the world who couldn’t afford to lose a penny lost everything. It was second largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history. It’s a tale of corruption, lies and greed, with a little money laundering on the side. All told through the company’s massive videotape library.


Where's The Money?
"I couldn’t go to my bosses because… it was them."
Rolando Roca

Meet The Players

Photo of Allen Stanford

Allen Stanford

Former Chairman and CEO
Stanford Financial Group.


Photo of James Davis

James Davis

Former Chief Financial Officer of Stanford Financial Group.


Photo of Laura Pendergast-Holt 

Laura Pendergast-Holt

Former Chief Investment Officer of Stanford Financial Group.